I was recently represented by Matt Rupp in a homeowners association/real estate dispute. He was very attentive during our preliminary meeting, taking in all the complexities and nuances of the case. In court, Matt was well prepared, organized, articulate and persuasive, which resulted in a positive outcome. He was unfailingly respectful to everyone, thus enabling all parties to have a congenial relationship going forward. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Matt Rupp at Rob Angle Law to anyone seeking legal representation. Martin. S 5 Stars

Our problem involved a Timber Deed issue that didn't seem fair. We called seeking Rob, who we worked with before but he was busy. Matt took the call and was extremely helpful. Matt got back in touch right away after locating a recorded document that essentially solved our issue. As a former prosecutor, Matt felt we had been wronged and he wanted to help us asap. We are very grateful we had a competent fighter on our side to fix our issue quickly and inexpensively! Pamela M. 5 Stars

I had no complaints. I had a good experience with Mr. Robert Angle. I would do business with him again.
Brian B. 4 stars

Sole Practitioner on 06/09/14 in Estate Administration

We had a real estate matter and Matthew Rupp helped me with my situation. He was very knowledgeable in the matter and helped us choose the best option.
Luke S. 5 Stars

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