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Since 2002, Rob Angle has provided exceptional service to the people of Boone, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. Rob has expanded his practice to include two additional attorneys, Matthew J. Rupp and Sarah H. Rupp. We handle a wide range of legal issues for our clients from real estate, to business matters and surplus funds, to estate planning, to disputes in court. Our attorneys' mission is to assist clients with their legal situation by collecting information, applying North Carolina law, and advising clients on potential pathways to success. We offer unmatched service to our clients. We proudly call this mountain community "home" and strive to ensure you feel at home in our hands.

Practice Areas

Traffic and DWI: From speeding tickets to DWIs, traffic offenses can have serious consequences on your driver's license and insurance premiums. Don't just pay a ticket without first speaking to an attorney. Our attorneys include a former prosecutor in Boone, North Carolina, who will seek the best possible outcome for you.

Real Estate Closing Attorney: The purchase of a home or business is one of the most significant investments many of our clients make during their lifetimes. To protect this investment, our experienced attorneys perform a thorough title search to ensure you get what you pay for when closing on the purchase of a home or business in North Carolina.

Estate Planning Attorney: Whether your assets are large or small, we customize a plan for your estate that meets your needs. As part of the planning process, we help you navigate the complexities of asset ownership and control. Our goal is to design wills and trusts that minimize taxes and maximize benefit to heirs. We also draft powers of attorney and living wills to carry out our clients' wishes.

Business Formation Attorney: Our law firm guides clients through the process of forming a business to select the type of business entity best-suited for their needs. We also help draft corporate bylaws and operating agreements that ensure the business is built to thrive.

Civil Litigation: The trial attorneys in our law firm aggressively represent our clients' interests in court. Whether your dispute involves business, real estate, construction projects, contracts, or personal injury, our experienced trial attorneys have successfully tried hundreds of cases before a judge or jury. We will fight to ensure your interests are protected.

Criminal Defense: A criminal conviction can have lifelong consequences. If you have been charged with a crime in Boone, NC, or the surrounding area, you need an experienced trial attorney to represent and defend you. Our attorneys include a prosecutor with over a decade of experience in courtrooms across this State who will work tirelessly to minimize the impact of a criminal charge.

Surplus Funds:If your home has been foreclosed upon by the bank or local government, you may be entitled to any surplus funds. Surplus funds consist of money that remains after the bank or local government has sold your property and paid off the outstanding debt. Contact our office to file a petition for surplus funds to obtain what is rightfully yours

Student Conduct: If you have been accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct at Appalachian State University, your educational career may be in jeopardy. Our attorneys have experience representing students accused of Student Conduct violations, and will fight for you to remain in good standing with Appalachian State University.

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Whether you are buying a house, starting a business, or planning for the future with a will or trust, our attorneys will listen to you and develop a legal strategy to best serve your needs. Our team of experienced lawyers in litigation will advise and guide you through all court proceedings to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you need an attorney who specializes in real estate , civil litigation, business formation, estate planning, speeding ticket and DWIs, or criminal defense, we have you covered.

Contact our courteous staff today to schedule a consultation. Boone and the High Country are a special place we call "home." And we will make you feel at home in our hands.