Find a Real Estate Attorney in Boone, NC

Find a Real Estate Attorney in Boone, NC

Angle, Rupp & Rupp Attorneys at Law will help you buy or sell a property

Real estate transactions are one of the most important events in your life. You want to be sure all the paperwork is in order and there are no financial surprises at closing. Angle, Rupp & Rupp Attorneys at Law provides assistance in the area of real estate law in Boone, NC.

We have experience with commercial and residential property transactions. Our attorneys will help you with the process of:

  • Buying real estate
  • Selling real estate
  • Refinancing

Our goal is making your transaction go as smoothly as possible while keeping your best interests in mind. Contact Angle, Rupp & Rupp Attorneys at Law today to speak with a real estate attorney in Boone, NC.

We handle all aspects of real estate law

Our licensed real estate attorneys will walk you through the process and let you know about any red flags that pop up during our research and preparation. We'll take care of your needs, such as real estate title insurance, title searches, and closings. Call (828) 265-0016 today to hire our trusted real estate attorneys in Boone, NC.

Why do I Need an Attorney to Claim My Surplus Funds?

Surplus funds cases are a relatively rare and niche area of North Carolina law. In a surplus funds case, the bank or local government has foreclosed on real property and sold the property to the highest bidder for more than the amount of their...

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Why Homebuyers Need Title Insurance

When buying a house or parcel of land, buyers often wonder whether they need title insurance. For most people, buying a home is the most significant investment of their lives. It makes financial sense to protect that investment with title insurance....

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Foreclosures: What Happens to the Surplus Funds?

Foreclosures are usually difficult times for property owners. The bank or local government is taking their property, and they often feel powerless. There is a light, albeit dim, at the end of the foreclosure process, however. If there are funds...

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Prescriptive Easements: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Most people who regularly deal with real estate know that an easement is the right to use someone else’s property. A common type of easement is a right of way, where one property owner accesses his property by driving through the property of...

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